Next-generation conversational AI

Our deep learning dialogue technology goes beyond NLP, allowing the next generation of intelligent bots and assistants to engage in human-like, layered dialogue. This leads to more natural conversations with higher retention and engagement.

Conversational interfaces will reshape how we interact with software.

We’re working on the underlying AI technology to make that happen.


Human-like dialogue with context

Our deep learning dialogue management allows for flexible, layered conversations which remember history and consider context.

Improves with every conversation

Dialogues improve over time with our reinforcement learning technology.

Train once and run on all platforms

Train once and deploy your conversational AI to platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, iMessage, Amazon Echo, and many more.

Highly customizable

Pull data into the conversation from your custom backend, database, or API. You can also run on premise for full control over your data.

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How to work with us

LASTMILE works with leading developers and corporates worldwide to help them build next-generation bots and assistants.


Next Step: Intro Call

Let us know who you are, what your goals and challenges are, and what you have in mind to address them. We’ll introduce LASTMILE.


Step 2. Use Case Call

Benefit from our experience with conversational AI and work with us to find solutions to your challenges. We would like to hear your early ideas and we’ll share successful examples of AI-powered bots and assistants.


Step 3. Proposal

If we think we can support you, we will create a proposal tailored to your company and situation. After discussing the proposal, we’re ready to start working with each other.

Want to learn more about our conversational AI?

Jump on a quick call with us to tell us about your challenges and see how we can help.