About Us: Conversational AI for more human-like bots

LASTMILE is a conversational AI company making tools for developers to build more human-like bots and assistants. Besides open-source projects like rasa.ai, LASTMILE uses its core deep learning dialogue technology to help corporates adopt AI in, for example, automating parts of their customer service. The company is based in Berlin, funded by Techstars and angel investors such as Matthaus Krzykowski.
We're a tight-knit, fast-moving team of researchers, engineers, designers and product people, with extensive experience in machine learning, natural language processing and rapid product design. 🚀 We’re also actively involved in the international community for bots and assistants.

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Team Member

Alan holds a PhD in machine learning from the University of Cambridge and has years of experience developing AI-based software in industry.

Alan Nichol

CTO & Co-Founder
Team Member

Alex studied Computer Science and Management at TU Berlin and the London School of Economics. Before founding LASTMILE, he worked for Project A Ventures and McKinsey.

Alexander Weidauer

CEO & Co-Founder