We build more human-like bots and assistants for corporates

Bots and assistants on conversational platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Amazon Echo are the future. We help selected customers leveraging our unique AI dialogue technology, allowing for more human-like conversations.

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Case Study

LASTMILE AI helps a leading European insurance company to automate over 30% of incoming requests and increase customer happiness.


We were approached by a leading European insurance company who wanted to reduce costs in their customer service operations and allow for 24/7 uptime.


Basic chatbots and IVR systems are usually more frustrating than helpful. Advanced, human-like bots are difficult to build in house and require expensive, specialised AI/machine learning talent.


Using LASTMILE AI, we automate over 30% of requests as a first step towards full automation:
1) Data Access: Analysed 10,000+ real customer service conversations and identified biggest levers
2) Bot Workshop: Defined potential use cases and aligned stakeholders
3) Implementation: Developed and trained bot

Conversational interfaces will eventually revolutionize every industry. We mainly work with customers in these industries:
Insurance & Banking


LASTMILE Enterprise helps leading corporates to solve their biggest challenges using our expert knowhow and unique AI dialogue technology.
Strategy Consulting

Analyse use cases for bots and assistants to develop a winning strategy

Concept & Design

Create a concept paper and mockups based on your business processes

User Research

Design of experiments, user research studies and evaluations


User testing with a click dummy or minimal bot


Development and deployment of your bot

How to work with us

LASTMILE Enterprise works with selected customers who have challenging problems which could be solved with conversational software.

Intro Call

Let us know who you are, what your goals and challenges are and what you have in mind to address them. We’ll also introduce LASTMILE.


Use Case Call

Benefit from our experience with bots and work with us to find solutions to your challenges. We’ll generate a long list of use cases, specifically to your company.


Data Analysis

Using real conversation logs, we further narrow down use cases to a short list. Based on that, we can make you an offer.