AI Development Services

Our machine learning engineers apply state-of-the-art algorithms and methods to deliver smart conversational AI.

What we offer

LASTMILE helps leading corporates to solve their biggest technical challenges using our machine learning expertise and unique AI dialogue technology.

User Research

In-depth user analysis based on chat history and corporate employee experience leads to the deep understanding of the underlying principles. This enables us to build great products.

Concept & Design

The concept and design of a conversation are crucial to the success of the customer interactions. Thoroughly built process flows by convo designers and UX experts effectively reduce costs and increase user engagement as well as sales potential.

Prototype & MVP

We create prototypes to build customer validated solutions and act agile in a fast changing and dynamic environment. Proof of concepts show project traction and can convince key decision makers within the organization.


Successful PoCs lead to production and shipping to live cases and real customer interactions. Implementation to any platforms, frontend and backend systems are the skill set LASTMILE’s tech team can provide and deliver fast.

Analysis and Recommendations

Data driven analysis is necessary to evaluate the development and uses cases of the implemented conversational AI. Resulting recommendations for next steps leads to a management guidance of the bot technology.

Much More

Due to high complexity of the tasks, we provide tailored services and customize our development to your engineering needs. Agile methods can adapt to fast changing requirments along the user validation process.

Why Work With Us

Deep-learning-native company

Deep learning is a major breakthrough in AI research and development, enabled by large amounts of data and improvements in computing power. Our machine learning-based software uses vast amounts of data and experience to improve its own performance. This optimization enhances our natural language understanding and dialogue engine products.

Focus on industry verticals to create synergies

The in-depth understanding about our five industry verticals creates a shared knowledge base and ensures necessary synergies to build successful and intelligent software. We have gathered industry specific expertise from our broad client portfolio to enhance our algorithms and conversational AI.

World-leading technology

Our development team has vast experience in AI and machine learning. We have built algorithms based on leading edge research from Cambridge University and other institutions. The three core products rasa NLU, rasa Dialogue and rasa Response Generator creates the foundation of our leading technology. Close collaboration with research and the open source community enables us to build this technology.

How to work with us

LASTMILE works with leading developers and corporates worldwide to help them build next-generation bots and assistants.


Next Step: Intro Call

Let us know who you are, what your goals and challenges are, and what you have in mind to address them. We’ll introduce LASTMILE.


Step 2. Use Case Call

Benefit from our experience with conversational AI and work with us to find solutions to your challenges. We would like to hear your early ideas and we’ll share successful examples of AI-powered bots and assistants.


Step 3. Proposal

If we think we can support you, we will create a proposal tailored to your company and situation. After discussing the proposal, we’re ready to start working with each other.

Want to learn more about our conversational AI?

Jump on a quick call with us to tell us about your challenges and see how we can help.